John Benjamins 电子书(语言学方向2018-2019版权年13本)
简要介绍:John Benjamins出版社是一家独立的学术出版商。出版书籍涵盖了语言、文学、翻译、历史、文化等学科领域,代表了国际前沿性的研究。我校此次订购的电子书包括Current Issues in Linguistic Theory、Dialogue Studies、Human Cognitive Processing三个主题2018-2019年新书,共计13本:

1.Afroasiatic. Data and perspectives 网址:

2.Language Variation and Contact-Induced Change. Spanish across space and time网址:

3.Multiword Units in Machine Translation and Translation Technology网址:

4.The Diachrony of Classification Systems网址:

5.Sociocultural Dimensions of Lexis and Text in the History of English 网址:

6. Dialogic Ethics 网址:

7.From Pragmatics to Dialogue网址:

8.Conceptual Metonymy. Methodological, theoretical, and descriptive issues 网址:

9.Evidence for Evidentiality 网址:

10.Aspectuality across Languages. Event construal in speech and gesture 网址:

11.Mental Models across Languages. The visual representation of baldness terms in German, English, and Japanese 网址:

12.Language Learning, Discourse and Cognition. Studies in the tradition of Andrea Tyler 网址:

13.Diachrony of Personal Pronouns in Japanese. A functional and cross-linguistic perspective 网址: